Altair, Permedia team on HPC simulator

New version of MPath basin modeling package tuned for distributed grid computing.

Permedia Research Group has teamed with Altair Engineering to offer a grid technology based version of Permedia’s MPath petroleum migration and reservoir fill simulator. MPath, which is used in basin modeling and reservoir characterization, uses a high-resolution reservoir fluid pressure, continuity and mixing solver.


MPath’s Distributed Risk Module (DRM) generates and ranks hundreds of realizations to constrain cases where large uncertainties exist in the input parameters. To speed this compute intensive application, Altair’s PBS Professional grid technology is now available to run multiple simulations concurrently on a distributed computing grid.


PBS Professional is a workload management solution for high-performance computing (HPC) environments. The software intelligently schedules computational across available hardware and software resources through policy-based grid technology.


Permedia Dan Carruthers said, ‘Powerful, easily accessed compute resources are essential to exploration decisions that have significant monetary consequences. By integrating PBS Professional with MPath, our customers can run more simulations with their existing hardware and make better decisions.’

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