IHS steps-up IT pace with acquisition

GeoPlus’ Petra interpretation package now in IHS fold, NAD83-compliant SuperGrid announced.

IHS Energy, now rebranded as a ‘segment’ of parent IHS, has been busy this month in the IT space. IHS has acquired GeoPlus Corp., developer of the Petra interpretation package, joined Texas A&M’s Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research and, in collaboration with Veritas, has launched ‘SuperGrid’ a NAD83-compliant dataset of Canadian survey data.


Petra is a PC-based geological, engineering, and petrophysical analysis tool. A companion product PetraSeis offers seismic interpretation – coupled with the Petra database. IHS is to offer these tools as front ends to its online data sets, providing users with near real-time project data refresh.


IHS president and COO Ron Mobed said, ‘For Petra users, our ultimate aim is to refresh the project models for their full inventory of drilling prospects, automatically. This will enable faster and lower-risk decision making by our customers as they compare, evaluate and select new assets to drill, based on the latest information.’ The Petra software and customer service teams will remain in Tulsa and an IHS data integration team will work on the flow of IHS data into Petra. IHS will also maintain Petra’s support of data formats for a variety of data and software suppliers. Petra is capable of serving data to the Open Spirit data exchange bus.


IHS Canada has teamed with Veritas to offer ‘SuperGrid’ a NAD83 compliant E&P survey grid for oil and gas companies, mapping professionals and industry-related software vendors. SuperGrid is available through IHS applications, from the IHS data hub or from third party vendors. SuperGrid currently covers the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and results from an integration of government source points and IHS databases. The package includes the Western Canadian Dominion Land Survey grids and federal government theoretical grids (NTS, FPS). An Oracle database of more than 1.1 billion grid points allows for custom-built queries, layers and applications at specified point resolutions based on unique customer needs.

Crisman Institute

Following ongoing donations of its software, and gifts of free access to some of its data, IHS has become a member of the Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research at Texas A&M University. The Institute comprises the Halliburton Center for Unconventional Resources, the Chevron Center for Well Construction and Production, the Schlumberger Center for Reservoir Description and Dynamics and the Center for Energy, Environmental and Transportation Innovation. Other Institute members include ConocoPhillips, Anadarko, Baker Hughes, Total, Newfield, Devon, and Saudi Aramco.

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