Geosoft and NDA team on potential field

An extension to Montaj supports gravity and magnetic data management and 3D visualization.

Geosoft and Northwest Geophysical Associates (NGA) have upgraded their solution for the management and interpretation of oil and gas potential field data. The GM-Sys modeling applications are licensed as gravity and magnetic extensions to Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj.


GM-Sys now includes a SEG-Y Reader to allow interpreters to integrate seismic data with geospatial, gravity and magnetic models. The 3D version of GM-Sys also lets users work with time-domain-based models which can be converted to depth.


Other features include horizontal magnetic gradient calculations and a ‘cross-hair’ cursor, extending horizontally and vertically across the model, making it easier to align features of interest. Data and models are accessible through a collapsible tree-view. Models can be converted to voxels and displayed in 3D, or used to directly calculate the gravity response. GM-Sys 3D models can be exported to Geosoft, UBC, or GOCAD voxel files.

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