WITSML-based backbone to offshore rigs

Standards-based communications get boost as RigNet and Sense Intellifield team.

Houston-based RigNet has signed a global deal with Sense Intellifield of Stavanger to provide a WITSML backbone for some 120 mobile offshore rigs. The licensing agreement lets RigNet market and support Sense’s SiteCom suite of WITSML-based real-time data management products. Sense was a pioneer in the roll-out of WITSML’s W3C standards-based data communications for drilling operations data exchange.


Sense CEO Borge Kolstad said, ‘This deal makes SiteCom immediately available to a large portion of the global offshore rig fleet and is a major step in standards-based inter-company and application data transfer. Often, real time data professionals spend half their time manipulating data. Now, nearly all of these tasks can be automated.’


RigNet CEO Omar Kulbrandstad added ‘We now offer the only single-source solution that links multiple drilling rigs with real-time onshore decision centers. Our services now include the complete communications package of voice, video, networking, and real-time data management—linking any offshore data source to our clients’ systems onshore.’

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