IHS’ tape store to serve Metroplex oil and gas

Center offers data management and secure, climate controlled storage of tapes and physical assets.

IHS has just opened an off-site storage facility to serve oil and gas companies located at Grapevine, in the Dallas/Fort Worth ‘Metroplex’ area. The facility offers a secure, climate-controlled environment for the storage of seismic data, well data, logs and other oil and gas physical assets. IHS has signed asset management agreements with several oil and gas companies in the Metroplex area. IHS’ Jim Wortham said, ‘Oil and gas companies don’t have the people, processes or technology to find their data quickly and efficiently. Companies are also seeking climate-controlled storage to preserve historical records. Mergers and acquisitions also force consolidation of large volumes of records.’ Wortham cited the recent interest in the Barnett share as a case in point, ‘Many companies acquired seismic data in the area 10-15 years ago. Now they need access to their data. With this new facility and our experienced staff, we can assure our customers they will have access to their data when they need it.’

Bar code

IHS staff will tag, bar code and catalog each item it receives. Requested materials are delivered and tracked as to who requested the materials and when. The facility includes custom-designed, general-purpose records centers, dedicated to an individual oil and gas company, where they can re-locate their file rooms, creating ‘a total physical assets data management solution.’

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