Stone Bond Enterprise Enabler 2006

Enterprise application framework and extract transform and load to underpin the digital oilfield.

Houston-based Stone Bond Technologies rolled-out its Enterprise Enabler (EE) Server 2006 at the Visual Studio Live trade show in Orlando this month. EE Server 2006 manages and monitors integrated processes and data workflows such as those deployed in the digital oilfield. EE combines an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework, Extract Transform Load (ETL) technology and workflow management in a single environment. The package allows application integration in complex environments with ‘virtually no programming’.


Stone Bond’s AppComm technology provides native connectivity to standard and proprietary data formats, without the need for adapters or data staging caches. EEE supports WITSML, PIDX, OPC and other communication standards across the digital oil field, as well as being SOA compliant.


Stone Bond CIO Pam Szabo said, ‘EE lets you expose and invoke Web services, build workflows and perform complex data transformations—all without programming.’ Stone Bond is an early adopter of the Microsoft 2.0 .NET framework and SQL Server 2005. A trial version is available from

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