Kerr Mc Gee’s gas traders get ‘Visual Cockpit’

Triple Point integrates physical and financial positions, provides ‘comprehensive’ risk management.

Kerr McGee Corp is to deploy Triple Point Technology’s Commodity XL and its Gas Scheduling ‘Visual Cockpit’ to support its physical and financial natural gas trading. Commodity XL supports gas traders with real-time integration of physical and financial positions, comprehensive risk management, and an integrated back office.


Visual Cockpit, announced last June, provides a central, single screen control point that graphically displays all the information required for complex scheduling. VC solves the scheduling challenges caused by a convoluted interstate pipeline system, intricate FERC regulations, and complexities such as capacity management, storage management, imbalances, book-outs, lending and parking.


Marc Peter, Kerr-McGee’s Gas Marketing Manager said, ‘We wanted a system that automated and streamlined scheduling operations. Triple Point’s solution handled all the complexities involved in scheduling natural gas through a single screen graphical interface.’


TPT VP Mike Ravo added, ‘Our trading solution integrates front-to-back-office and handles all the complexities of physical and financial trading, risk management, and settlement an integrated, real-time platform. With the VC’s added capabilities, traders and schedulers can maximize their productivity on a single platform.’

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