Shell’s new simulator

Computer Modelling Group is to develop Shell’s ‘next generation’ fluid flow simulator. CMG will commercialize the resulting product.

Shell and Calgary-based Computer Modelling Group are to jointly develop a ‘next generation’ reservoir simulator. The project will combine CMG’s capabilities with Shell’s own developers and a worldwide database of operational and subsurface knowledge.


CMG CEO Ken Dedeluk said, ‘This paves the way for a new class of a large-scale, advanced reservoir simulator which will be a step change in performance from current technology. The new simulator will address flexibility, speed, ease of use, general-purpose physics and chemistry and advanced scenario management.’


Paul Ching, Shell’s VP Technical R&D added, ‘Industry is now pursuing complex reservoirs which require better production forecasts. This project will play a key role in decreasing cycle time, reducing uncertainty, and improving decision quality.’ If initial discussions on software specification are successful, software development will be kicked off. CMG will have the exclusive rights to commercialize the software and Shell will have unlimited access for internal use. CMG’s funding commitment for the initial phase is around $500k with a further $2 million annually for its portion of the development costs.

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