Statoil awards Schlumberger 100 million NOK deal

Technology collaboration agreement to cover production optimization and workflow standardization.

Statoil has signed a NOK 100 million, three year technology collaboration agreement with Schlumberger Information Solutions to develop production optimization technologies aimed at extending the life of oil and gas fields. The agreement also covers standardization and automation of workflow processes.


Statoil VP Rolf Utseth said, ‘The goal of the project is to enable us to have updated models as a tool for improved reservoir and production management. We will be testing the technology on new fields and on existing producers the aim of improving oil recovery and increasing production.

le Peuch

SIS president Olivier le Peuch added, ‘This project will accelerate the development of technologies for improved decision-making, from front-end engineering to automated operations—delivering practical solutions to the digital oil field.’

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