POSC moots ‘epiXML’ umbrella specification

SIG meetings introduce GML-based geodetics, revisit standard lithologies and name family of XML specs.

POSC Special Interest Group North American Regional Meetings were held in Paradigm’s Houston Visionarium. John Bobbitt (POSC) gave a status and technical update on geodetic integration in WITSML. A new coordinate reference system (CRS) object will use Geographic Markup Language (GML) to embed geo-referenced data. The European Petroleum Survey Group’s CRS* library is the reference. ‘Non-standard’ systems can be defined in GML. A simplified version of the ISO/OGC capability adds geodetically aware 3D (depth) referencing. A web services library of EPSG CRSs in GML is available at www.posc.org/registry/Geodetics311_68/Ellipsoid.xml.


The Global Unique Well Identifier (GUWI) initiative continues to make haste slowly. Kris Gibbons (Shell) traced the workgroup’s history back to a kick-off discussion at the 2003 PNEC. Signed letters of intent have been received from BP, Burlington, ExxonMobil, Marathon and Shell. IHS Energy is proposing to upgrade its UWI service (originally offered as an provision from the original 1996 Petroconsultants/AAPG initiative). The next step is ‘establish a legal framework for a Well Identity Service Work Group including funding and service agreements, governance and operational procedures.’


Paul Maton invited companies to join the Practical Lithology Work Group, whose membership already includes HRH, ONGC, Shell and Statoil. Issues under consideration include different usages between mud loggers and petrographers and mapping to existing nomenclatures from Landmark Graphics, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Shell and Statoil. A WITSML enumeration file will be available for comment in Q3 2006. Maton emphasized the benefits of a standard lithology vocabulary throughout the lifetime of a field’s development.


Alan Doniger reviewed the current and likely future POSC product portfolio. The Daily Reporting to Partners model is under public review, Deployment has started in Norway. The PRODML Work Group due to complete end of August and the Distributed Temperature Survey Standard has seen deployments by BP and Shell (Schlumberger, Weatherford and Lios Technology). Looking further ahead, a ‘co-existence with and or adaptation to’ the SCADA community’s OPC Foundation specs was mooted. POSC also envisages further integration of optimization and reporting and with the POSC/CAESAR world of equipment and facility reference standards. A putative umbrella moniker, ‘epiXML’ was suggested to cover the family of POSC’s XML-based formats.

* Coordinate reference system.

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