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Short takes this month from Intervera, Systems Evolution, ESRI, Fugro-Jason, Geomodeling, Geosoft, INT, Knowledge Systems, MetaCarta, Energy Solutions, TGS NOPEC, PGS, Schlumberger, BT, M2M Data, BP, Telenor, RECOPE, Techint, Geovariances and Tobin International.

Intervera has just announced ‘DataVera Clean’ (DVC) a data cleansing package. DVC automates the data cleansing process, monitors compliance with corporate standards and quality assures E&P workflows in real time.

Houston-based Systems Evolution (SE) has been subcontracted by Microsoft Corp. to assist an unnamed ‘large oil and gas services company’ with an enterprise wide Microsoft Project deployment. SE founded its Enterprise Project Management Practice earlier this year to provide consultancy services on large scale projects. SE also operates an executive search division, ‘Next Hire’ targeting the oil and gas sector.

National Fuel Gas Company has selected ESRI to provide a core enterprise geographic information system (GIS) technology platform to support the company’s transmission and utility operations.

Fugro-Jason has announced RPM, a new module adding rock physics elastic modeling to its PowerLog log analysis package.

Geomodeling Technology has released SBED 2006 with new functionality for modeling small-scale geological heterogeneities that impact reservoir performance.

Geosoft’s Target for ArcGIS introduces a 3D subsurface viewer for borehole data in ESRI’s ArcView.

INT has announced GeoToolkit .NET 2.1, a class library for E&P software developers working in C#. New features include localization support, true-scale hardcopy and better performance with SEG-Y data.

Knowledge Systems has released Drillworks 11.0 and Pressworks 2.0 with enhanced capabilities for pore pressure and geomechanical analysis The new Pressworks release introduces ‘Scout’, a browser and interface for non specialists.

MetaCarta’s new geOdrive release offers automated search and notification, region search, 2-D analysis and visualization, and better integration with ESRI.

Energy Solutions’ PipelineStudio 2.8 release offers Excel-based reporting of simulation results and customizable report and pipeline templates. PipelineStudio now integrates with Energy Solutions’real-time pipeline monitoring system, PipelineManager.

TGS NOPEC has announced PRIMA 8.0, a new release of its seismic data prestack interpretation and analysis package. Release highlights include a module for 2D interpretation, enhanced memory management and 64-bit support.

PGS has released its reverse time migration (RTM) solution for wave equation prestack depth migration. Hitherto, RTM has proved ‘too computationally demanding for commercial use’.

Schlumberger has awarded BT a five-year, $47 million contract for global network services. BT is to take over the running of Schlumberger’s SINet MPLS backbone which spans 18 countries. SINet will transition to BT’s global MPLS infrastructure.

Internet SCADA specialist M2M Data Corp. has released iPM, a component of its iSCADA service. iPM enables computer-based maintenance of multiple assets.

BP has signed a three year contract with Telenor Satellite Services for global broadband services over satellite. The deal will upgrade communications systems on BP’s vessels and production facilities with Telenor’s Sealink VSAT technology. BP’s fleet includes 80 deep sea vessels, offshore platforms and land-based production facilities.

RECOPE, the Costa Rican Petroleum Company, is to deploy Energy Solutions’ PipelineManager package to assure pipeline safety and environmental protection throughout its 226 km network. The project is managed by Techint S.A.

Geovariances has just released version 6.0 of its ISATIS geostatistical package which now offers a 3D Viewer, new import and export modules for CMG, Eclipse and ZMap. The Volumetrics application has been improved to give more flexibility in matching simulation outcomes and the Plurigaussian simulations have been enhanced to take petrophysical properties into account.

Tobin is offering onshore directional survey data for Texas RRC Districts 2, 3 and 4, South Louisiana Parishes and Texas Barnett shale counties. Data is available in ESRI, Oracle PPDM or ASCII formats.

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