Model-based controller gets cash injection

KBC Private Equity takes 60% of Shell’s Fieldware solution partner, IPCOS

Following the award of a $5.6 million contract for the development of Shell Global Solutions’ (SGS) FieldWare product suite, Integrated Production Control Systems (IPCOS) has a new investor, KBC Private Equity (KBC). KBC has taken a 60% stake in the Leuven, Belgium-based developer of automated process control solutions. IPCOS’ specialty is model predictive control technology as described in our FieldWare article in this issue.

Leuven University

The other 40% of IPCOS equity is held by management, staff and the Catholic University of Leuven from which the company was spun-out in 1995. The partnership with KBC Private Equity reinforces IPCOS’ financial position and will enable the company to expand into new market segments.


IPCOS MD Peter Van Overschee, said, ‘We recognize KBC as a pro-active financial partner—a perfect fit with our corporate culture. The inclusion of KBC in our management structures will provide IPCOS with the drive to continue growing our high-tech solutions around the world.’ IPCOS partners with various R&D organizations and commercial partners including TNO and Protomation (Netherlands), Uhde (Germany), Naizak (Saudi Arabia), Siemens (Germany) and PSE (England). Speaking of the SGS deal, Overschee added, ‘SGS’ vision of data driven monitoring and optimization solutions for the oil and gas business, combined with IPCOS’ expertise in algorithm and software development, has led to extremely powerful solutions.’

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