Badleys’ successful Windows SFU port

Straightforward port of multi-million line code base leverages Microsoft Services for Unix.

Badley Geoscience (Badleys) reports a painless port of its structural modeling package from Unix to Windows using Microsoft’s Services For Unix (SFU). Badleys code, written in C/C++ with a Motif/OpenGL-based GUI comprises millions of lines of code and around 40 shell scripts.


Several porting options were considered, but most involved costly run-time licensing or reduced functionality. In contrast, SFU offered a cost-effective approach and a compliant Windows GUI—including third-party OpenGL libraries, a GCC, NFS client, and shell scripting.


Badleys’ Andy Foster said, ‘Our investment on the SFU port paid off in under six months. Our engineering team migrated millions of lines of source code in just one week using this built-in Windows package.’

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