BP to deploy Input-Output FireFly system

I/O’s first client to trial 10,000 trace seismic acquisition system on Wyoming gas field revamp.

Announced with much fanfare at last year’s SEG, I/O’s FireFly has now found a launch partner in BP America Production Company. BP is to deploy and test the high tech ten thousand station wireless seismic acquisition system over its Wamsutter gas field in Wyoming, the first commercial use of the FireFly system.


BP’s Bob Button said, ‘We recently announced a multi-year, $2.2 billion expansion of Wamsutter. The FireFly test is part of a $120 million technology field trial program. This novel seismic acquisition technology potentially provides us with improved resolution and characterization of target reservoirs while minimizing impact on the environment and mitigating risks associated with seismic field operations.’


FireFly is I/O’s latest full-wave seismic recording platform that combines wireless communication, data storage, and power technologies borrowed from other industries. FireFly claims ‘dramatic’ improvements in system weight, operational productivity, and health, safety, and HSE performance.


I/O VP Jim Hollis added, ‘BP has a long track record as a seismic pioneer with the deployment of a permanent full-wave seismic monitoring system at Valhall and its support of deepwater, node-based recording.’ A baseline FireFly survey of Wamsutter is planned for Q4 2006.

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