KingdomWeb browser for SMT database

Premier Oil is early adopter of Exprodat’s web browser for SMT’s Kingdom database.

UK-based Premier Oil has licensed Exprodat’s KingdomWeb front end to data stored in Seismic Micro Technology’s PC-based Kingdom interpretation system. The KingdomWeb web-based data browser was originally developed by Exprodat for Kerr-McGee’s North Sea unit.


Premier Oil CIO David Edwards said, ‘With increased exploration activity comes an increase in sub-surface data to manage. KingdomWeb has proved valuable as an easy way of summarizing available data and at highlighting data irregularities within Kingdom which would otherwise have been very hard and time consuming to spot.’


KingdomWeb provides intuitive access to data in Kingdom projects, without having to understand or initiate the Kingdom application. KingdomWeb also provides a number of data quality control and cross-project search and comparison tools, allowing the user to quickly identify possible errors in data, or inconsistencies between overlapping data sets.


Exprodat’s Director Gareth Smith added, ‘KW provides ‘quick look’ data browsing and access to key data types. It simplifies the job of finding and QC’ing data in Kingdom databases, and needs virtually no training to use effectively.’

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