Zeh to market Accu-Audit’s SeisInfo

Deal sees expansion into seismic data management and GIS for plotting specialist.

ZEH Software of Houston has teamed with Calgary-based Accu-Audit to offer worldwide sales, marketing, support and implementation services for Accu-Audit’s seismic data management software, SeisInfo. SeisInfo organizes seismic surveys into a ‘spatially aware’ repository to support seismic data management, search and retrieval. The software also offers QC seismic location information, fast and accurate survey data loading and visual ‘discovery’ of the relationships between physical items, areas of interest, ownership and other survey attributes. Maps of seismic surveys can be displayed and filtered with specified search criteria. Map previews help avoid loading duplicate surveys into the SeisInfo repository.


Zeh president and CEO Jerry Martin said, ‘Many of the oil companies we interviewed over the past year have expressed significant problems in the area of seismic data management. We researched many products and companies worldwide looking for a solution to this problem and we are pleased to have found Accu-Audit and SeisInfo. The Accu-Audit customers we interviewed were very pleased with the ease of use and value that SeisInfo brought to their data managers.’

200 clients

Privately-held Accu-Audit develops software for managing seismic navigational data and provides services for auditing seismic data. Accu-Audit claims over 200 clients for its seismic information system in Canada.

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