Petro-Canada rolls-out Excalibur

US unit to deploy P2 Energy Solutions’ hosted solution for finance, operations and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Petro-Canada is to deploy P2 Energy Solutions’ Excalibur package at its wholly-owned US unit Petro-Canada Resources based in Denver. The Excalibur Energy Management system is an integrated financial and operational solution built on IBM’s Unidata embedded DB2 database technology. Petro-Canada has licensed Excalibur applications for, inter alia, accounting, land, production accounting, asset management and inventory control.

Prima Energy

Petro-Canada’s US activity has seen rapid growth following its 2004 acquisition of Prima Energy, requiring improved business process automation and better Sarbanes-Oxley related internal controls. Petro-Canada opted for a hosted solution, with software managed offsite by P2ES unit Petroleum Financial. Internal users access Excalibur through a web browser for financial and operational reporting.


P2ES executive VP Darrell Jones said, ‘Excalibur gives clients such as Petro-Canada multiple options for using our applications. With more than 30 modules supplying integrated financial and operational solutions for upstream oil and gas companies, Excalibur enables each client to configure a scaleable system based on the company’s needs.’

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