Model-based controller for Ormen Lange

Scandpower Prediktor key component of Norwegian gas giant’s flow assurance system.

Norsk Hydro has awarded FMC Technologies, Scandpower Petroleum Technologies and Prediktor AS a contract for the provision of a flow assurance system (FAS) on its giant Norwegian deepwater Ormen Lange gas field. The system will be used to monitor the flow of gas, oil, condensate and antifreeze in the gas, as it is sent from the underwater installation to the mainland.


The FAS technology stack includes FMC’s FlowManager, Scandpower’s OLGA2000 and Predictor’s APIS model-based controller. The solution is designed to provide a real time online simulation and monitoring environment which will allow flow forecasts to be based on rapid analysis current measurements. At first, the system will be used in an ‘advisory’ mode to guide Ormen Lange production engineers as to optimal settings and procedures. As they become more trusting of the system, the intention is that the model-based control system will adjust these automatically.


Prediktor MD Sælid Steinar said, ‘This contract is very important for us. We are becoming a trusted supplier of control technologies and infrastructure which deliver great benefits to the oil and gas industry.’ Prediktor’s APIS provides components for process-control, data-logging and presentation of process information on a web-based platform. Some fifty APIS components are currently deployed by operators including Norsk Hydro and BP.

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