Fault-tolerant mesh for Kuwait oilfields

Invensys’ ‘intelligent automation’ to link Burgan gathering centers to unified process control center.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has selected Invensys Process Systems to supply its Intelligent Automation (I/A) system for upgrade and expansion of two crude oil gathering centers in the Burgan fields of South East Kuwait. KOC’s goals were to increase production capacity, improve safety and environmental practices, enhance water treatment and decrease gas-flaring. The I/A Series system includes the new Foxboro Address Translation Station (ATS), which incorporates KOC’s legacy control systems into the new mesh network.

SK Engineering

SK Engineering and Construction Corporation of Korea will install the systems. KOC’s gathering centers are large multi-process plants. The new network will control a variety of processes each involving multiple gas turbines, pumps, compressors, generators, piping, storage tanks, vessels and other equipment.


The mesh is a high-availability, self-healing network whose architecture connects thousands of stations at data speeds up to one gigabit between nodes. KOC is to combine the existing and expanded processes into a single process control system with a common operator interface for all process elements.

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