GoM wells to be ‘Workstation Ready’

Hydro’s US arm underwrites data migration project. A2D gets UK Nigerian government contracts.

TGS-NOPEC unit A2D Technologies has begun a project to convert all Gulf of Mexico (GOM) deepwater and key shelf exploration logs to its ‘Workstation Ready’ (WSR). The project is underwritten by Norsk Hydro’ GOM unit with agreement from the US Minerals Management Service (MMS). WSR is based on the Log ASCII Standard (LAS) with extra QC/QA to ensure completeness.


Scott Griffiths, Hydro GOM COO said, ‘A2D’s Workstation Ready well log data is an important tool that will provide us with high quality data when evaluating expansion in the Gulf of Mexico.’ Processing the GOM dataset is expected to take 30 months and will bring the total of A2D’s WSR inventory to over 25,000 wells. As project underwriters, the MMS and Hydro can prioritize wells for their operations, and will receive the data at a cost savings. The project is structured to accommodate a third participant, an option ‘under consideration from several energy companies active in the GOM’.


A2D president Dave Kotowych added, ‘This initiative will make our GOM WSR dataset a strategic asset for the entire industry. We will replicate this model in other exploration regions worldwide.’

Northwest Europe

A2D has also announced expansion of its worldwide offerings to the Northwest European offshore and the Barents Sea. In these areas, A2D offers online access to multi-component GeoData sets for online access and instant download via A2D’s web-based LogLine system. GeoData sets for over 2,000 wells include well logs, interpreted statigraphy, synthetic seismograms and lithology. A2D is now an authorized data release agent for the UK DTI.


A new deal with the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources has made A2D and local partner Tatnet Nigeria the sole resellers on and offshore well log data.

4 million

A2D Technologies offers over four million well logs online, with comprehensive coverage in North America and well log coverage in twelve other countries throughout the world.

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