Roxar to leverage Norwegian supercomputer

RMSgeoplex ‘design of experiment’-based modeling to be tested at Norsk Regnesentral facility.

Roxar has signed a three-year agreement with the Statistical Analysis of Natural Resources Data (SAND), a part of Norsk Regnesentral (NR), the Oslo-based Norwegian computing center. NR is to adopt Roxar as an exclusive commercialization partner for reservoir modeling software while Roxar is to fund a number of R&D projects.


The research is to focus on RMSgeoplex, a module that performs stochastic facies and property modeling within IRAP RMS. RMSgeoplex uses ‘design of experiment’ techniques to build descriptions of geological features while honoring well and seismic data. NR was one of the architects behind the core simulation algorithms of RMSgeoplex. NR has been associated with Roxar for 15 years and is also the main research partner on its Roxar’s FieldWatch project.

See our interview with Roxar CEO Sandy Esslemont on page 3 of this issue.

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