SCADA security

A new report from the American Gas Association offers vulnerability assessment and advice on the deployment of encrypted SCADA communications.

The American Gas Association (AGA) has published the first volume of a four-part report on the SCADA cryptographic integrity. SCADA systems enable computers in the field to transmit operations data about valves, pressure, temperature and flow rate of natural gas to the utility’s control center.


AGA’s director Kimberly Denbow said, ‘SCADA is the virtual brain of the utility’s control center. Our report provides a comprehensive approach to secure SCADA communications. If an initial vulnerability assessment shows a need for enhanced security, encryption can protect SCADA communications across the different protocols in use.’

AGA-Report 12

The AGA Report N° 12 ‘Cryptographic Protection of SCADA Communications’ was co-authored by the Gas Technology Institute and representatives of SCADA, cryptography module and router manufacturers, research groups, government bodies and gas companies. The report is a free download from Future volumes will cover retrofit encryption, networked SCADA systems and embedding cryptography in the manufacturing process.

See also our report from the SPE Digital Security conference—OITJ Vol. 11 N° 1.

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