Data benchmark tools from Exprodat

Packaged approach embeds generic survey metrics from TraQs management consultancy.

Exprodat Consultants is offering a packaged approach to measuring the effectiveness of data management services and systems. Information Quality Metrics (IQM) was originally developed by Exprodat director Bruce Rodney (who also coded WoW) for Shell. A second measurement tool, Information Service Metrics (ISM) was developed by adapting a generic survey metrics system from the TraQs management consultancy.


Exprodat director Gareth Smith told Oil IT Journal, ‘These tools will provide a nice metrics/KPI ‘stack’ tuned to upstream information management, offering quantitative management of the whole area. We’re currently looking for sponsors for this project.’


IQM/ISM uses a structured survey to evaluate key data management support activities in terms of users’ experience. A live database provides ‘instant’ benchmarking by asset, function or country. KPIs can be compared with other companies or examined over time to expose trends.

Early adopters

Exprodat is offering the opportunity for early adopters to shape the base content of the toolset to reflect their own interest and internal KPIs. The TraQs survey system is already used in the HR departments of several multi-nationals. Rodney and Shell’s Philip Lesslar will be presenting the results of Shell’s IQM analysis at the 2006 PNEC data management conference in Houston next month.

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