Peloton RigView rig scheduling system

‘Strategic’ drilling, completion and workover schedules, WellView enhanced with alert management.

RigView, a new product from Peloton, offers streamlined rig scheduling for drilling, completions and well service work. RigView lets those in close contact with the operation maintain the information while giving other authorized users access to the current schedule from their desktops. RigView’s ‘strategic scheduling’ allows for intelligent rig allocation. The product offers land, construction, procurement, environmental and other groups concurrent access to an up-to-date schedule.


Peloton has also enhanced it flagship WellView application which now includes embedded queries for multi-well reports. The MasterView module has been enhanced with new alerts management. WellView morning reports can be sent to a user’s Blackberry or directed to a ‘lessons learned’ knowledge base. MasterView Alerts addresses data quality concerns by auto-populating overlapping data models from a single point of entry. Business rules can be applied during data capture—for instance a link between WellView and a corporate materials management system ensures consistent inventory management. WellView was largely developed for ExxonMobil.

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