Stark’s Wheeler deal with de Groot Bril

Patented ‘Age Volume’ technology to be developed as Open dTect plug-in. More Stark technology to follow.

De Groot-Bril (dGB) and Stark Research have signed a technology alliance agreement to develop and market innovative seismic interpretation products in dGB’s OpendTect environment. Stark Research will develop functionality around its patented age volume which is to complement dGB’s sequence stratigraphic interpretation system (SSIS), an Open dTect plug-in.


Tracy Stark told Oil IT Journal, ‘dGB has agreed not to build an age volume (as described in my US patent) into SSIS and instead will help me build the age volume as my own plug-in. Later I hope to be able to migrate not only my age volume and Wheeler volumes OpendTect, but also my ColorStack, CrossPlot, and Anomalousness Volume technology along with a link to TeraRecon’s VolumePro board.’ An article on Stark’s Wheeler volume is to be published in the April issue of the EAGE’s First Break magazine.

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