Rock Solid Images to leverage OpenSpirit

OpenSpirit’s data link to upload data and download results from iMOSS rock physics modeler.

Houston-based Rock Solid Images (RSI) has added OpenSpirit data integration to its iMOSS flagship rock physics-driven seismic modeling and analysis package. RSI has licensed the OpenSpirit application and data integration Developer’s Kit to provide integration with third-party applications and data stores.


iMOSS applies rock physical principles to the study of seismic amplitudes and is used in high-end applications including 4D, time-lapse seismics, AVO and impedance interpretation and pore-pressure calibration. OpenSpirit provides access to input data and also allows for back population of geophysical applications and data stores for further interpretation.


RSI VP Gareth Taylor said, ‘Rock physics models and conditioned log data for synthetic seismic generation is a key to exploration success. iMOSS technology, paired with OpenSpirit, will provide efficient access to this data, enabling geoscientists to understand subtle relationships between reservoir properties and their seismic expression.’

1500 users

OpenSpirit reports that 30 software vendors have licensed its dev kit and there are some 1500 oil company end users in more than 50 countries using its framework.

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