AJM, PetroSleuth and GeoLogic team

A new web based service offers unbiased analysis of opportunities in the West Canadian basin.

Calgary-based GeoLogic Systems has aquired the PetroCube product line from developer, PetroSleuth. PetroCube is a web-based, petroleum analysis service that provides subscribers with current, unbiased decision criteria for exploiting both new and existing petroleum assets in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. PetroCube provides financial, technical and geostatistical analytical tools.


GeoLogic has also signed a multi-year development agreement with AJM Petroleum Consultants, the prior marketer of PetroCube and related services. AJM conducts acquisition and divesture studies and evaluations of non conventional resources such as coal bed methane.


GeoLogic president David Hood said, ‘We are combining our expertise in adding value to data products with the AJM consultancy to provide a service that is greater than its individual parts. PetroCube customers will be able to access more resources and solutions as we move ahead.’


Robin Mann, CEO of both AJM and PetroSleuth added, ‘GeoLogic has components that we would have had to develop. Our clients will retain our expertise since AJM will be an integral part of the development of the knowledge-based product that PetroCube has become.’

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