Colorado spins-off TerraSpark Geosciences

BP Center of Visualization is ‘privatized’ and now availabe for contract R&D.

The University of Colorado’s Technology Transfer Office has signed a spin-out and intellectual property agreement with the management of what was previously the BP Center of Visualization which has been re-branded as ‘TerraSpark Geosciences.’


TerraSpark is now capitalized as an independent research Center at the University of Colorado as part of both the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences. Sponsored by the Departments of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Computer Science and Geological Sciences, TerraSpark will conduct R&D on advanced visualization technology across a range of disciplines including the oil and gas industry.


TerraSpark manages two industry-funded research consortia in drilling visualization and geoscience interpretation. The first program uses 3-D visualization to reduce drilling costs and to mitigate associated risks. The drilling program integrates geological and geophysical data with engineering algorithms through 3-D visualization. The geoscience interpretation consortium focuses on using 3-D visualization to improve the efficiency, accuracy and completeness of interpretation of depositional systems in 3-D seismic data. This research integrates attributes designed to improve imaging of depositional systems with new algorithms to extract and analyze the systems in 3-D.

R&D for hire

TerraSpark undertakes contract R&D and consulting for corporate clients and licenses prototype software to third parties. TerraSpark fault propagation technology is remarketed by Paradigm. TerraSpark also partners with IT companies to provide integrated solutions to E&P companies.

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