InfoWeb kicks-off ISO 15926 K-base

Plant data specialist leverages Semantic Web technologies in new information handover portal.

Netherlands-based plant data specialist InfoWeb has just announced a new ISO 15926 Knowledge Base that it is currently developing. The website is a Knowledge Base ‘dedicated to the practical implementation of, and information about ISO 15926.’ This site is a utility for the development of guides, procedures, and software for information handover and data exchange on capital facilities projects. Capital facilities include industrial facilities, commercial and institutional facilities, infrastructure facilities and residential facilities.

Semantic Web

This site contains ontology listings in RDF/XML format and in N-Triples format. Ontologies underpin information exchange and integration. The site breaks new ground as an industrial deployment of the somewhat controversial semantic web RDF technologies. These re-introduce richness in data modeling that some have considered missing in XML, but at the expense of some complexity. The promise of the semantic web is machine to machine communication and data discovery.

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