Rig site touch screen daily charge recorder

Digital Oilfield offers rig-site charge entry and payment approval system.

Calgary-based Digital Oilfield (DO) has released new technology for rigsite approval of daily charges. DO’s Daily Charge Recorder (DCR) is a touch-screen application that provides operating companies and suppliers with a simple daily charge entry and approval mechanism. DCR creates an electronic record of daily charges at the wellsite, so that goods and services are all reviewed at the rig on a regular basis. The daily charge items can then rolled up to form the approved daily charges for efficient invoice generation.


DO president and CEO Rod Munro explained, ‘DCR solves a key problem that operators experience at the wellsite by automating an onerous manual process, reducing errors and the time spent resolving disputes at the end of the well. DCR is in action on over 700 rigs throughout Western Canada and adoption is expanding rapidly.’

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