POSC/Caesar 2006 program announced

Plant lifecycle standards body presents Future Fields vision at Daratech Plant Conference.

Nils Sandsmark, General Manager of Norway’s POSC Caesar Association (PCA), gave an update on the plant data standards body’s activity at the Daratech Plant Conference in Houston last month. The conference theme was ‘Better Decisions Through Data Standardization’. Sandsmark’s presentation showed how today’s ‘self-sustainable fields’ will give way to successive future generations of integrated work processes.

Future Fields

Generation One Future Fields will be emerging in the 2005-2010 time frame and include integrated onshore and offshore centers and processes and continuous onshore support. Generation Two—on the 2010-2015 time horizon will see integrated operation centers for both operators and vendors, ‘heavily automated’ processes, digital services and 24/7 operations.

ISO 15926

The ISO 15926 plant data standard will be at the heart of these developments as it integrates lifecycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities. Common ontologies, XML schemas such as WITSML and PRODML will also provide cross-silo data communications.


Sandsmark outlined key PCA initiatives including the Integrated Information Platform for reservoir and subsea production systems (IIP—OITJ Vol. 11 N° 1) and the Intelligent Data Sheets and Collaborative Work Process—a $3 million initiative to share information across ISO, API, or NORSOK data sheets.

2006 program

PCA has published its 2006 work program on its web site. The reference data library is to be augmented with an improved ‘reference data system’. PCA is to take part in the EU-funded DEPUIS e-learning project, developing course material for ISO 15926. Collaboration with the Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC) and the US plant data FIATECH organization are to continue. Work on the Integrated Information Platform and Intelligent Data Sheet projects is to continue.

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