IPRiskWell for global Statoil deployment

Risk management toolkit to provide consistent drilling project evaluations.

Oslo-based software house IPRes has just won a contract extension for the delivery of well planning software to Statoil. IPRes’ IPRiskWell will now be deployed in all Statoil’s field units.


IPRiskWell was developed and tested in cooperation with Statoil’s North Sea Gullfaks asset where it serves as an integration platform for well planning. IPRes rolls-up risks and uncertainties from all involved disciplines and systematizes the decision-making process. Projects can be evaluated consistently and financial metrics, drilling costs, reserves and production can be consistently presented to decision makers and compared for alternative projects and scenarios.


IPRes MD Arvid Elvsborg said, ‘This agreement shows that our software is easy to use and can support a complex, information intensive decision making process involving many parameters. By continuing to partner with IPRes, Statoil shows that specialized, smaller companies can be niche market leaders.’

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