PetroTrek rolled out across PGS fleet

The Information Store’s PetroTrek Direct Sales module will roll out across PGS’ worldwide seismic operations.

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) is to expand its relationship with The Information Store (iStore), developer of the PetroTrek data management suite. PGS has been using PetroTrek to manage its multi-client seismic data library since 1997 (OITJ Vol. 3 N° 6).


PGS’ Marcia Starr said, ‘Without the right technology, it would be very difficult to accurately manage our contract/data order history. Using these tools, we can better track our customers’ orders, manage their contracts, and provide fast and efficient service.’ The present agreement concerns the worldwide deployment of the PetroTrek Direct Sales module. PetroTrek offers a web-accessible map interface to view and place orders, visibility of a client’s purchase history, access to contract details and automated generation of paperwork associated with an order.


iStore president and CEO Barry Irani said, ‘The maturity of the seismic industry has forced service companies to become more efficient. With PetroTrek, PGS can manage both seismic and customer data much more easily via our secure, Web-based solutions. The results are considerable cost-savings and better service to customers.’

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