Modest trickle-down for software houses

Q4 2005 results from AspenTech, GMG, Divestco, TGS-Nopec, Invensys, PGS and CGG.

AspenTech’s Q2 2006* saw the company’s highest operating profit and margin since Fiscal 1998. Total revenue of $76.4 million was up 7% from the same period last year with license revenue of $41.7 million, up 13%. Mark Fusco, President and CEO, said, ‘We have returned the Company to top-line growth in all parts of our business, including our best performance to date with our aspenONE solutions suite.’


Computer Modelling Group reported revenues of $4.3 million for its Q3 2006 quarter that closed 31st December 2005, up from $4 million. Earnings were $0.9 million, down from $1 million. Software license revenues were $3.5 million - up from 3.2. CEO Ken Dedeluk reported product demand as increasing with a $1 million growth in software license revenues in a nine month period.


In its guidance for fiscal 2006, Calgary-based Divestco is projecting revenue for fiscal 2006 of $75-80 million, up from $37 million in 2005. The revenue hike is due to acquisitions and ‘record organic growth.’


TGS CEO Hank Hamilton, reporting on record net revenues of $89.3 million (up 53%), spoke of ‘a robust and broad-based market response to TGS projects in all geographic locations.’


Invensys reported revenue of £628 million (up 2%) and operating profits of £48 million (up 4%). CEO Ulf Henriksson, said, ‘Process Systems produced an excellent result including a £14 million profit increase and a 17% improvement in orders at CER.’


PGS CEO Svein Rennemo reported on ‘a strong upward trend in world-wide E&P activity and spending,’ with ‘unparalleled strength both in Marine Geophysical contract and multi-client demand continuing in 2006.’ PGS revenues were $340.3 million, up 15% and an overall net loss of $80.4 million, including a one-time charge of $103.8 million from the refinancing completed in December.

CGG 2005

CGG also reported a revenue hike—to €263 million (up 34%). CEO Robert Brunck said : ‘The fourth quarter was strong as anticipated, driven by continuing improved market conditions. In view of these figures, we can confirm our target for full year 2005 operating results.’

*All results concern the last quarter of 2005 calendar year unless otherwise stated.

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