EDS to market Aramco’s GeoMorph

A new geosteering package developed for drilling on Ghawar is now available from Earth Decision.

Saudi Aramco unit, Aramco Overseas Co. has teamed with Earth Decision Sciences (EDS) to commercialize its in-house developed GeoMorph package. Aramco’s patented geosteering tool takes real-time logging while drilling data into the visualization center and earth model. GeoMorph is now integrated with EDS’ geomodeling flagship GoCad and was used successfully during drilling operations on Saudi Arabia’s supergiant Ghawar field.


Aramco’s Ahmed Metwalli said, ‘GeoMorph excels in real-time earth modeling and geosteering and enables us to achieve pin-point accuracy at the reservoir contact.’ GeoMorph inventor Roger Sung added, ‘In complex geological settings, adjusting the direction of the drill bit in real time with an ‘on the spot’ roadmap can make or break the success of a well.’


EDS CEO Jean-Claude Dulac concluded, ‘GeoMorph shortens rig downtime by enabling models to be re-interpreted in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks. Drilling plans are easily updated and adjusted, providing the flexibility so critical to field development.’

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