Number crunching PGS’ record shoot

PGS’s Ramform Valiant recorded 2,300 square kilometers and almost 12 TB of data last December.

PGS has just laid claim to a 3D seismic production record for its Ramform Valiant seismic vessel which acquired 4,656 sail kilometers last December in the Camamu Almada Basin, Brazil. The Valiant towed a ten x 6,000 meter streamer array and achieved a peak production rate of 2,328 square kilometers per month.


Jeroen Hoogeveen supplied some technical tid-bits to Oil IT Journal readers, ‘9 seconds of 2ms, 24bit data was dual recorded in SEGD on IBM 3590 cartridges. Production data rates reached 6.8 MB/s and daily data volume was around 375GB. During the record month the total data volume was 11.66TB.’


PGS has successfully recorded 1ms data to 3590, but the 12MB/s data rates push this technology to the limit. PGS is moving to 300GB capacity 3592 tapes. Navigation was achieved with a network of 80 acoustic ranging devices, 220 compasses and 18 GPS units. The navigation solution was calculated in real time.

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