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Software news from IES, Badleys, Midland Valley, Safe Software, Fugro-Jason and LogTech.

Germany-based Integrated Exploration Systems has announced a marketing and technology alliance with UK partners Midland Valley and Badley Geoscience. The alliance targets joint software services and data links between the members’ software tools. The companies are also to combine their marketing efforts with co-hosted booths at the Houston AAPG and the EAGE in Vienna. IES reports that 2005 was its best year ever with new sales to PDVSA, Petronas, PTT and Talisman.


Vancouver-based Safe Software has just announced a new release of its geospatial toolkit, the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME). FME 2006 enhances Safe’s Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tools for spatial data, in particular with enhanced raster and vector support. New features include Oracle GeoRaster for loading raster data to an Oracle 10g database, and support for the KML spatial format, which lets users visualize their spatial information in Google Earth. Also new is support for the Geography Markup Language (GML 3.1.1), the standard XML-based group of formats for representing geographic features.


Fugro-Jason has just updated its Geoscience Workbench reservoir characterization package to Version 7.1. The new release adds functionality and enhancements across the board. All modules are now available on 64bit Linux, for the 64-bit Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Turion 64 processor. A new ‘volume data alignment’ tool has been added to enhance computational accuracy.


Calgary-based LogTech now has over five million log curves for its Digital Log Database. The data set is available online from Logtech’s LOGarc on-line hosted data service. The company is currently adding data at a rate of 70,000 curves on 1,400 new wells per month. The six million curve mark is expected to be reached ‘real soon now’. LogTech claims nearly 1,000 users for LogArc and that often, ‘hundreds of thousands of curves are retrieved per month’.

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