Shell backs FIATECH plant information

New plant information project leverages state-of-the art W3C ontologies and triple stores.

Shell’s Global Solutions unit is partnering with the US-based FIATECH, Norwegian POSC/Caesar and Netherlands’ USPI-NL to develop a data integration strategy for the facilities industry that will ‘improve productivity of the capital project and facility life cycle.’ The initiative targets engineering, operations, and maintenance, and will allow contractors and suppliers to exchange data with owner operators.

ISO 15926

At the heart of the project is the ISO 15926 Reference Data Library (RDL). This defines standard equipment classifications and equipment-naming conventions and facilitates the sharing of equipment information—particularly at the handover phases of a plant’s lifecycle. For a backgrounder on these issues please refer to our report from the 2005 USPI-NL meeting, OITJ Vol. 10 N° 4.


At a DuPont-sponsored Process Industry Data Integration Workshop last summer, data integration experts from 22 international companies and agencies achieve consensus to ‘drive toward’ a single process industry RDL, ISO 15926-4 TS. The RDL of FIATECH’s ‘Accelerating Deployment of Lifecycle Integration Technologies’ (ADI) project is being built by EPM Technologies using its Express data management system. The project sets out to demonstrate that ISO 15926 can be implemented in a ‘robust’ proof-of-concept. A use case will develop around a fictitious Flour-Bechtel joint venture with ‘Facades’ for different data sources.

Public domain

The software, which will be released to the public domain, is built with a variety of open source tools including PHP, PEAR, MySQL, AJAX and SVG. The data model and templates will be described in the W3C web ontology language, OWL. Facades are stored as n-triples and a SPARQL API will be provided.

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