Digital Oilfield gets SAP NetWeaver certificate

Calgary-based e-commerce specialist’s software now aligned with SAP’s R/3 web interface.

Digital Oilfield has received ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ certification from SAP for its OpenInvoice SupplierConnect e-business solution. Certification concerns the content and portal integration of SupplierConnect which now integrates the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure. The solution offers data exchange between the SAP R/3 and SupplierConnect, a hosted application that allows suppliers to create and transmit field tickets, invoices and supporting documentation to operating companies. The integration provides for the invoice routing Digital Oilfield supplier application directly into the oil and gas company’s SAP financial system. The operating company can then invoke its invoice approval workflows from within SAP. SAP users can now ‘seamlessly’ transact with Digital’s supplier network claimed to be the largest supplier group in the energy industry with over 4,000 members.

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