IHS Energy Midstream data service

New database holds pipeline utilization information, tariffs and macro economics by region.

IHS Energy is extending its Midstream database to support a greater depth of commercial planning and analysis. The new Midstream Extended Data Module (EDM) includes pipeline utilization rates and tariffs and gas distribution structures as well as data on large industrial customers and macro-economic and energy profiles for each region.


The new database will help decision makers assess opportunities arising in the current context of strong demand, high prices and de-regulation of markets where infrastructure information is frequently the key component of project viability. All information in the EDM is spatially enabled and can be accessed via a GIS front end.


Cynthia Poynter, Senior Manager, Midstream with IHS Energy said, ‘The EDM contains critical information for companies with gas interests. Monetization of gas reserves is closely tied to transportation and market options. EDM enables advanced analysis of key infrastructure issues and can identify ‘make or break’ project variables that will determine the timing as well as profitability of an oil and gas venture.’ The Midstream database is ‘fully compatible’ with IHS Energy’s E&P databases and is updated daily. The EDM and Midstream Database cover most countries outside of North America.

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