Brunei Shell opens e-Field taps

WellDynamics’ DTS, digital hydraulics and real time operations bring ‘snake’ well in at 16,700 bbl/day.

Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd (BSP) has just announced the start of crude oil production from Phase III of its Champion West field located 90 kilometres offshore. The high tech field’s production came onstream two months ahead of schedule and at a record breaking flow rate of 16,700 b/d (2,650 m3/d). The field is also a gas producer and by 2010, will supply about 25% of BSP’s total gas production.


The platform is said to be one of the most technically advanced offshore facilities in the world with permanent downhole pressure and temperature sensors pre-installed in a five kilometer long fiber optic cable. Remote control of downhole instrumentation and control is made possible with high bandwidth connections to the shore. Engineers in BSP’s head office can continuously monitor the performance of the offshore wells and facilities improving both production and reserves recovery.

Well Dynamics

Shell’s joint venture with Halliburton, WellDynamics, installed its SmartWell intelligent completion technology on Champion West, including its Digital Hydraulics technology (DHT). DHT gives Shell remote, independent control of multiple reservoir intervals, providing real time data acquisition and ‘closed loop’ reservoir management capabilities.

Digital hydraulics

DHT minimizes the number of control lines required to operate multiple devices. Interval Control Valves (ICVs) are deployed for remote control of each zone. Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS) and Permanent Downhole Gauges (PDHG) are deployed for real time optimization and well performance monitoring.


BSP MD Grahaeme Henderson said, ‘Champion West is one of the largest undeveloped resources in Brunei, and will produce oil and gas for the next 20 years and beyond. BSP is a global leader in the application of Shell’s Smart Field Technology, and Champion West is a frontrunner in both the Shell Group and in the industry at large.’ Champion West was discovered in 1975 but production only became possible with the application of a number of cutting edge technologies. In particular, a horizontal ‘snake’ well, was drilled through the sands with a tortuous trajectory.

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