Semantic web-based production reporting

New project sets out to develop production reporting standard with web ontology language OWL.

A new Norwegian Daily Production Report (DPR) project has just been announced that sets out to ‘make production data more accessible,’ for authorities and license partners. Project partners include DNV, TietoEnator and POSC and is being tested on Hydro’s Åsgård field.


DPR leverages work done under another Norwegian IM initiative, the Petromake Integrated Information Platform (IIP—see Oil ITJ Vol. 10 n° 6). DNV leads the IIP project, whose partners include Statoil, Hydro, POSC and POSC Caesar. TietoEnator has developed the DPR package which is said to embrace the ISO 15926 ontology and to conform to the WITSML standard.


Pål Rylandsholm, DNV said, ‘The objective of the IIP project is to develop a common ontology for drilling, production and operations/maintenance. The ontology will be specified in the Web Ontology Language (OWL), based on Semantic Web technology, and will become a part of a ISO 15926 Reference Data Library.’

See also our report on a similar 15926-based initiative from Shell on page 12 of this issue.

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