New study of hydrocarbon accounting

IDC unit Energy Insights’ report compares hydrocarbon accounting packages from industry leaders.

A study by IDC unit, Energy Insights finds hydrocarbon accounting is both ‘critical’ for E&P companies and a ‘tough business for vendors.’ The Energy Insights (EI) report sets out to help executives select a hydrocarbon accounting package. The study compares packages from Enertia Software, Halliburton, Merrick Systems, P2ES (Enterprise Upstream and Excalibur), Quorum Business Solutions, SAP and TietoEnator.


Study author Sekhar Venkat said, ‘Complex joint ventures, production sharing agreements and a stringent regulatory environment are leading to an increased demand for hydrocarbon accounting solutions. A shortage of accounting professionals is bringing standardization to business practices, creating opportunities for outsourcing
firms with talented resource pools.’

Industry Short List

EI’s ‘Industry Short List’ methodology was used to prepare the study comparing features, interoperability, architecture, quality of service, support and cost. An ‘ownership confidence’ assessment addresses the soundness of vendors’ strategy, financials, commitment and customer satisfaction. More from

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