Digital rights management for E&P data

Kadme’s K-View controls LAS and SEG-Y data access with watermarks and variable image quality.

Norwegian Kadme has just released a new information management tool for the upstream. K-view is an image server that renders LAS, SEGY, JPEG, PDF and TIFF images without data movement. This approach reduces network traffic and enhances security, as data is not transferred to the user. Semitransparent configurable watermarks and variable image quality can be applied, offering a form of digital rights management to protect the viewed information.


For large files such as a 100Mb TIFF or 1Gb SEGY file, server side rendering is the only practical approach to previewing data. Another benefit is that data duplication is minimized, easing the burden on the data manager. A web browser is all that is required to preview K-view files. No plugins or specialized viewers are required on the client. K-view is a pure Java based server side tool that works on TomCat or JBoss running on Windows and Linux operating systems.


Other Kadme tools include K-crawl, a set of automated and semi-automated tools that extract metadata from sources like shapefiles, relational and proprietary G&G datasets. K-crawl performs incremental indexing and incremental spatial updates. Another tool, K-dex allows for search across on all parsed information, both spatial and non-spatial.

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