Metacarta embeds Thetus’ semantic search

Thetus Publisher knowledge management to augment Metacarta’s Geotagger semantic geolocation.

Metacarta has teamed with knowledge management specialist Thetus Partners to blend MetaCarta’s GeoTagger and Thetus Publisher. The technology will leverage Metacarta’s geolocation taxonomy to derive geolocation metadata for incorporation in Thetus’ knowledge management and workflow package.

Semantic search

Corporate information sources will be parsed by Metacarta to produce metadata for consumption by Thetus Publisher. Geographically-relevant data is then analyzed and indexed in Publisher and made available for users of Thetus tools. These include a semantic search engine, automated workflow, and comprehensive ‘lineage’ tracking—providing ubiquitous access to evolving knowledge regardless of data location or format. Thetus also has partnerships with ESRI and Spotfire.

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