Pemex deploys PetroTrek in drilling planner

The Information Store’s Asset Management Solution for Drilling embedded in Pemex’ ‘SISPAP.’

Pemex E&P is to deploy drilling and workover scheduling and management software from Houston-based The Information Store (iStore). The package is a customized version of iStore’s PetroTrek Asset Management Solution for Drilling (AMS-D) known inside Pemex as ‘SISPAP.’


Jaime Gonzalez Alanis, planning general manager for Pemex’s RSUR unit said, ‘Users now can design effective operational programs based on factual and timely information. Management can track the status of the activities almost to the hour. We can rapidly adjust our planning scenarios according to availability of funds, drilling permits and the status of engineering works.’ SISPAP collects data from daily operations and also retrieves online data from other systems allowing management to rank scenarios based on their incremental impact on reserves, production or profitability.


iStore president Barry Irani added, ‘SISPAP interfaces with Pemex’s ERP systems and geospatial applications like Google Earth. A management dashboard is also being designed to provide key indicators.’

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