IntelliPipe roll-out

Grant Prideco’s megabit/second Ethernet drillstring is to interface with Sperry Drilling Services’ measurement while drilling technology.

First announced in 2002 (Oil ITJ Vol. 7 N° 10), the drillstring Ethernet that originated as a US Department of Energy-funded project with partners Novatek and Grant Prideco, has now been interfaced with Halliburton’s Sperry unit’s measurement while drilling services.


The IntelliServ Network drill string telemetry is capable of streaming data from downhole drilling and formation evaluation tools to the surface in real time, at rates up to 10,000 times those offered by today’s acoustic mud pulse techniques. Halliburton and Grant Prideco unit IntelliServ are to jointly market and deploy the technologies.


Sperry VP Brady Murphy said, ‘Today, drilling rates can be limited by the transmission speed of high volume data collected during the drilling and evaluation process. The Sperry IntelliServ solution eliminates the bottleneck, and enables a new range of logging-while-drilling services.’


IntelliPipe is a custom pipe string with embedded electrical connections offering around a megabit of bandwidth. The signal passes from one string to another via an induction loop embedded in the joint.

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