Verano adds Windows client to RTAP

RTAP SCADA data acquisition running on Linux servers now has Windows ‘Visualizer’ client.

SCADA specialists Verano’s Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP) now includes a Windows client. RTAP is used by companies such as British Energy, Enbridge Pipelines, RWE and Shell. The new client, ‘Visualizer’ now lets operators on Windows-based workstations access RTAP running on Linux servers.

Van de Velde

Verano partner and SCADA systems integrator, Belgium-based Ferranti Computer Systems has developed a portfolio of solutions around RTAP. Ferranti’s Guido Van de Velde said, ‘We have been integrating our applications on RTAP for 15 years. The Visualizer brings mission-critical SCADA security, to environments where Windows-based servers are not ideal, but where the flexibility and familiarity of Windows is desired on the client side, together with the integration possibilities with other desktop tools.’

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