Headwave to trial NVIDIA CUDA

Ex-Finetooth to process seismic data with new graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture.

Seismic specialty processing software house, Headwave (formerly FineTooth) is an early adopter of new technology from NVIDIA Corp. NVIDIA’s CUDA technology is a new architecture for computing with graphics processing units (GPUs) along with what is claimed as the industry’s first C-compiler for the GPU.


CUDA allows hundreds of on-chip processor cores to communicate, synchronize, and share data to solve computational problems up to 100 times faster than traditional approaches. Headwave president, Alex Krueger, said, ‘CUDA brings new ways to analyze and interpret seismic data, allowing for interaction with multi-terabyte prestack surveys. With NVIDIA’s new architecture, we can accelerate some of the most computationally intensive algorithms in oil and gas exploration-far beyond the performance of traditional CPU-based hardware.’

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