Gaz de France funds fault analysis toolkit

Foster Findlay Associates to apply image processing to fault seal analysis.

Gaz de France (GDF) and Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) are to collaborate on a 3D fault analysis toolset. Jean-François Dutzer, Geophysics R&D Manager at GDF commented, ‘The techniques being developed in collaboration with FFA will enable us to have a 3D understanding of how faults act as flow barriers. This can have a major impact on exploration risking, development strategies and economics.’

Image analysis

FFA’s seismic image analysis and software engineers will work with Gaz de France affiliates from Britain, France, Norway Germany and the Netherlands. The tools will available through FFA’s services from July 2007 and integrated into the January 2008 version of FFA’s flagship SVI Pro.


FFA MD Jonathan Henderson added, ‘As E&P moves to more complex reservoirs there is a need for subsurface technology that can provide more detailed reservoir understanding. Partnering with GDF to broaden our fault workflow ensures that we are addressing our client’s challenges.’

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